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GTInvest partner in the industrial equipment market — Kholod-Engineering company was founded in 2012 and specialized in supplying industrial, commercial, agricultural, and technological equipment supply services to the Ukrainian market. It is a full-service supplier of equipment and technical solutions for the largest enterprises in Ukraine with highly qualified engineering staff. The company has completed over 350 projects of different levels and accumulated vast experience, which is being constantly analyzed and improved. In an interview with Alexey Prokhorenko, CEO of GTInvest, Ivan Pugachev, Technical Director, talked about the main trends in the industrial refrigeration market and vegetable storage. …

Photo by Daniel Schludi - Covid-19 Vaccine Bottle Mockup (does not depict actual vaccine)

“In the draft national plan, we propose to define the minimum number of inoculations that our medical system must provide in order to reach 70 per cent of the population by the end of the year. That’s almost 6 million inoculations a month, or 270,000 a day without a weekend. Can we do that? Yes. But only in one case, when all levels of government will be involved in this process” commented Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Minister Maxim Stepanov is determined to increase vaccination volumes more than…

During the Doha negotiations, the Ukrainian delegation led by the President of Ukraine and the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, signed 15 important inter-State documents. Vladimir Zelensky said: “These agreements provide a green light for the implementation of joint projects in which we are a reliable partner. This is due to reforms that make the Ukrainian economy attractive to international business partners”.

The most successful was the signing of 13 inter-state agreements and 2 commercial contracts that will bring Ukrainian-Qatari relations to a new level, attract billions of dollars of investment and already become a bulwark for a…

With reference to the Law “On State Support of Investment Projects with Significant Investments”, 5 agribusiness enterprises of Ukraine have applied for state compensation of a total sum of more than $360 million.

According to Ukraine Invest CEO Sergey Tsivkach on his Facebook page: “Since the beginning of the year, the state institution has received applications for new investment projects from five agro-processing companies for a total of $363 million”.

Let us recall that the Law “On State Support of investment projects with significant investments in Ukraine”, initiated by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, entered into force on February…

The advantageous geographical location of Ukraine is attractive for foreign investors.

The idea of building a DJI plant in Ukraine has become a reality thanks to the agreements between China and Ukraine, which eliminate the need for double taxation, which, of course, catalyzes the efficiency of production.

DJI, founded in 2006, operates in the sectors of agriculture and nature protection, energy and film production. DJI has branches in 17 countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and South Korea, and has more than 14,000 employees. The plant in Western Ukraine will create an additional 1,200 jobs.

“Ukraine’s choice is due to…

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched electronic passports in a mobile application already used by 6 million Ukrainians.

“The Bill provides for the use of electronic documents at the level of customary passports. This is the first step towards the introduction of a paperless regime in Ukraine — state bodies do not have the right to demand paper documents if the information already exists in the electronic register. You choose which passport you will use today” — the head of the Committee for Digital Transformation Mikhail Kriachko.

Digital passports can be presented throughout Ukraine, used for travel by plane…

DroneUA in Forbes

The battle for Ukrainian chernozem (black-colored soil): drones vs. standard farming technologies. Robotics increasingly comes into play on agricultural lands, offsetting the impact of the human factors on the quality and the quantity of harvest. Ukraine is far ahead of the EU in terms of the digitalization of agriculture today and is a role model in terms of legislation and technology for many countries. CEO Valery Yakovenko (high-tech partner of GTInvest) in an interview with Oleksiy Prokhorenko talked about how drones are conquering the agricultural sector, what awaits Ukraine in 5 years and how to put millions of hectares…

Apples are one of the most popular fruits that are in constant demand on the market. It is second only to citrus fruits and bananas by the volume of apples harvested in the world. Ukrainian farmers gather around 1.5 million tons of apples annually, and the number of countries that permanently buy our product has already reached 25. In Ukraine, the consumption of apples is, on average, 17 kg per person, and the trend is growing. Relatively low prices and a wide range of applications make the product so popular among customers. And thanks to new technologies of growing and…

On February 24, Ukraine launched an active vaccination with a Covishield certified preparation produced under the AstraZeneca license.
Vaccination is designed for 5 stages: the first group, priority — people with the highest risk of infection and development COVID-19 and those who perform critical functions in the fight against the pandemic (367 thousand people), fifth — after the implementation of 1–4 stages and in the conditions of high availability of vaccines — adults from 18 years, which have not entered priority groups (13.1 million people).

As of today, Ukraine has moved to the second phase of the all-Ukrainian vaccination.

Also, Ukraine has entered into additional direct agreements with the Indian Serum Institute for the supply of vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and American NovaVax.

Stonehenge company specializes in the industrial floors being the market leader in Ukraine since 2007. Hundreds of tons of polymer systems and 1,500,000 m2 of flooring have been sold over the last 14 years.

Our customers are large manufacturers and factories, stores and development companies in Ukraine and abroad, such as the Bentley Motors plant in England, ROSHEN confectionery, NOVUS supermarket chain, and the largest Ukrainian butter factory Rud in Zhytomyr, Huon Aquaculture fish processing plant, BUMA Group in Krakow, and dozens of others. …

Prokhorenko Alexey

CEO of GTInvest

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